Thursday, March 19, 2015


They are digestive problems, stomach and duodenum. Here are the possible treatments for anorexia are presented.  

Water Shamrock: Take infusion, take one tablespoon per cup. Three cups per day.  

Angelica root: When the appetite and unwillingness to eat foul. Following infusion using 40 grams per liter of water. Let stand 5 minutes. Prepare only the cup to be taken at that time.  

Wormwood: Prepare an infusion of wormwood leaves (10-15 grams) in one liter of boiling water and a cup fasting is taken.

Basil, Bitter Orange, Gentian Albahaca, Rosemary and Fennel: Mix in a reservoir 50 grams of basil, bitter orange and gentian, and 100 grams of fennel and rosemary, then boil a spoonful of the mixture in a quart of water, let stand ten minutes, then strain and consume a cup before lunch and food for several days.  

Laurel: Boil for ten minutes a handful of bay leaves. Let stand, strain and consume three cups a day.

hamomile: Prepare an infusion with a handful of chamomile flowers in half a glass of water. Take a cup every eight hours for 20 days.



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